Imagine this – you are browsing through clothing online and you suddenly see the perfect workwear for you. You don’t even look at the price tag because you know you want it. You immediately pay for it and while it is dispatched till it reaches your house, you spend your days praising yourself on your amazing choice. Finally, it arrives and you literally tear open the package in your excitement. You deck up in that business wear and when you stand in front of the mirror, your heart breaks – You don’t look half as good as the person who had inspired your purchase. You try to pair it up with smart blazers and ties but nothing can change the fact that you look like a lump of big nobody rather than oozing confidence like the model. Nothing can undo the fact that your clothing is sitting tight on your chest but loose everywhere else.


Now all you can do is lament the fact that you wasted so much money on outfits that does not even fit you. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. While online shopping can have so many advantages and has grown to quite a popular trend nowadays, you can’t forget the fact that like the good old shopping stores, you can’t spend hours in the trial room, trying out and seeing the one which suits you best.

Would you like to change that?

Would you like to be able to stand in front of the mirror wearing the clothes, perfectly tailored for your body?

Do you want to see the sharpened image of you in the mirror in that just fit blazer, all ready to nail that presentation in office?

Low on the stock of workwear for your office and bored to death of wearing the same button up every day?

If you said yes to the above questions, you have come to the right place.

WerOFit does just what it’s tagline hints at – Wear You Own Fit. WerOFit comes to the place convenient for you and takes measurements of your figure to store it. Now, watch as the magic begins. Choose any piece of formal clothing that you want to include in your wardrobe and get it fitted according to your body size. Now, get the feeling of victory when you don that suit, tailored to the tee to fit your body instead of flopping your shoulders to complain that they are too big. Finally, you can wear those trousers with the pant leg not going too wide or too narrow.

WerOFit displays a host of the latest and classics of business wear that you can get in your very own fittings. If this does not sound tempting, I don’t know what it is. What are you waiting for? Visit the WerOFit website and you won’t even realize how easily you can pick and choose your favorites.